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America's Best President - Barack Obama


‪I am beyond words and filled with such tremendous gratitude to receive the endorsement of our greatest President, Barack Obama.
‪When elected, I look forward to working for all to earn this humbling distinction.‬

Planned Parenthood - Pennsylvania


I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Planned Parenthood PP Pennsylvania Advocates for the 2018 Election! As a provider of a wide range of preventive health services for women, men and their families for over a century, I look forward to working alongside PPPA in the ongoing and broader reaching fight for women's reproductive freedoms.

CeaseFire PA 

As part of our ongoing fight to reduce senseless gun violence, I am honored to receive the designation as a CeaseFirePA Commonsense Candidate. When elected, it will continue to be a top priority to work with my colleagues, on both sides of the aisle, to make sure we are doing all that we can to push for stronger commonsense gun legislation.

Common Sense Candidate Sticker-1.jpg
Food & Water Action 

I am honored to be endorsed by Food and Water Action, an organization committed to protecting our access to safe food and clean water. Especially in these times of uncertainty and lack of oversight at the federal level, it is important to support the environment at the polls. 



I am excited to be endorsed by Flippable, an organization focused on flipping state governments from red to blue and restoring good government. They believe that the 152nd is flippable and so should you!



Pennsylvania National Organization
for Women

I am humbled and grateful to receive the endorsement from Pennsylvania NOW - the Pennsylvania state chapter of the National Organization for Women, the country’s largest feminist political organization, with members female, male, young and old, all colors, classes and backgrounds, working together to bring about equal rights for all women.

You can learn more about PANOW

(Please donate to the organization if you can!)


Gun Sense Candidate Distinction

I’m very honored to have received a Gun Sense Candidate Distinction from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for new and stronger solutions to the lax gun laws that exist in many states. It’s high time for common-sense firearms regulations in Pennsylvania, and I look forward to standing alongside this outstanding and inspiring organization in our fight against gun violence!

You can learn more about Moms Demand Action

(Please donate to the organization if you can!)

Albert J. DerMovsesian

Upper Moreland School Director (2011-Present)

Lifelong UM Resident and Graduate of UM Class of '88

“Daryl Boling has the real world experience, the passion for the issues that affect our families and our community and the dedication needed to help us turn the tide in 2018.  He will provide our district with the progressive leadership that many of our neighboring districts enjoy and that our state so desperately needs.  Daryl will fight to provide the education all of our children deserve and the 21st century economy that our state needs to grow and prosper.  I am proud to endorse and support Daryl Boling and know that with all of your help, we can give the 152nd District a representative that will stand up for the rights of all and will fight for a brighter future."

Jeffrey Albert

Co-Chair - Upper Dublin Democrats

“Daryl Boling should be our next State Representative because he brings real-world experience to our 21st century Pennsylvania government through a history of making non-profits and businesses run. His expertise is not often found in our State Legislature where career politicians are abundant as weeds in a spring lawn. Daryl Boling will speak up loud and clear for choice, public education, environmental and human rights and good jobs in a new economy, each of which is threatened by the Trump Administration and its many GOP allies in Harrisburg. "

Ato Essandoh


“I met Daryl 15 years ago while he was helping to manage the manhattantheatersource, a volunteer-run theater organization in New York City’s West Village. His hard work and unwavering dedication was key to manhattantheatresource’s success.  Daryl is a fantastically competent leader possessing both eye for the ‘big picture’ and a patience for the fine details.  I know that Daryl’s work ethic, his simple belief in fairness and- in no small measure- his prodigious wit, will be welcome assets to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and the people of District 152.  I’m proud to to know him as a friend.”

Emily Sproch

Program Manager - Howard Gilman Foundation 

“He is practical, kind, hard-working, fair, thoughtful, down -to-earth, and courageous. He examines issues from all angles and isn’t afraid to let his opinions evolve over time, nor is he afraid to stick up for what he believes in. If he doesn’t know something, he’ll admit it and then do the necessary research. He’s also a great father and is passionate about leaving the world a better place for his kids.”

Claire Sommer

Director/Owner - Kayak Media

“I support Daryl Boling because he is focused on fair wages, good jobs, a clean and safe environment, and excellent education for ALL our kids.”

John Schoneboom


“My starting assumption about people who go into politics is that, while they may start out well intentioned, they'll soon end up as corrupted cogs in a machine they can't change. Daryl gets my support because I know him to be incorruptible. He's doing this for all the right reasons, to put his time and energy where his ideals are, which is to promote an environmentally sustainable vision of a human culture that values art, diversity, and compassion. Let's go Boling!”

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