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August 24, 2018

Half a century ago, Pennsylvania native Rachel Carson authored “Silent Spring” and, for all Americans, stirred the consciousness and brought into sharp focus the environmental destructiveness and widespread poisoning of wildlife resulting from governmentally sanctioned pesticides. Unfortunately, we are discovering all too late the degree to which our national leadership has lost its focus. And governmental neglect of its environmental responsibilities has, with occasional exceptions, continued.

Editorial Published on Montgomery News - "Love in the Age of Trump"

August 10, 2018

Love is love is love. And any American’s pursuit of love should be as inalienable a right as any that our founding fathers declared in our Constitution. And as President Trump announced his nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy to the United States Supreme Court — Brett Kavanaugh, an extreme conservative known to minimize women’s rights and to prioritize corporations over individual liberties — it is important to understand the broader threat this poses to these rights.

Editorial Published on Montgomery News - "Protecting Access to Health Insurance: PA State Legislature Needs to do the Right Thing

June 24, 2018

Before now, health care insurance access regardless of pre-existing conditions had seemingly bipartisan support and surprising support from the Trump Administration. However, in the latest of a long line of disturbing actions, the Trump Administration has unilaterally switched its previously held position and has urged the Texas federal court to strike down two specific provisions from the ACA: one that requires coverage of people with pre-existing conditions and another that prevents insurers from charging a higher premium because of pre-existing conditions.

Editorial Published on Montgomery News - "State Board of Dentistry should weigh in on proposed bill"

June 08, 2018

In his column, Rep. Murt outlined the reasons that he believes mail-order braces and at-home straightening kits, such as Invisalign, to be (in his words) “a very dangerous practice that needs to be addressed.”...Rep. Murt’s motivation for writing this piece is worth careful review. You see, at least since Rep. Murt appeared at a meeting of the Pennsylvania Dental Association’s Political Action Committee in 2012, Rep. Murt has received substantial donations from PADPAC. 

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